Crime Disruptor software, by PM AM, uses PM AM’s Core Four Pillars (Business Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Robotic Process Automation technology) to improve insight delivered from your department’s crime data, enhance resource management, customize citizen outreach, and maintain the pulse of your city through social media, all while reducing labor and time costs. (Click to Expand)

PM AM Core Four Pillars

Business Intelligence (BI)

Crime Disruptor uses BI tools to mine and process historical data for unique insights, all at the click of a button.

The platform’s customized views and filters slice and dice data by beat or neighborhood in a matter of seconds, providing reports and information that normally takes hours, if not days, to prepare.

And, Crime Disruptor can be customized to strengthen decision-making and create visualized deployment strategies, for daily or special-event coverage.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Crime Disruptor uses AI to analyze your department’s historical crime data to discover patterns your departments might not know existed, faster than any person or group could produce, in ways that make a material difference.

With the platform, your department is able to stay proactive, rather than reactive, because the platform boosts your force’s ability to stay ahead of crime patterns and dissect those patterns in novel ways.

With these insights, your command staff can more effectively manage your resources to create an ecosystem that utilizes the most advanced technologies to consistently make information-relevant, knowledge-based decisions.

Machine Learning (ML)

Using the latest Machine Learning algorithms, Crime Disruptor is uniquely positioned to make data-based recommendations that have eluded human analysis.

Crime Disruptor examines your city’s crime data and learns from past data, recommending strategic solutions that improve over time, without additional programming or departmental cost.

Crime Disruptor enhances your force’s strategic decision-making options, from command staff all the way to patrol officers. Since ML powers the platform, your department can rest assured that Crime Disruptor is maximizing the way your data is used to provide boundless insights that adapt with each passing day.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Crime Disruptor’s virtual automated software robots collect scalable factors not included in incident reports (e.g. weather) and couple that in Crime Disruptor analysis, thus powering the most relevant and powerful insights.

PM AM’s RPA technology performs data analysis and statistical tasks without the need of human data entry or monitoring. Since it’s done in the background, there is no time lag for the department and the value delivered is more powerful than just using crime incident report data, which only collects information across a limited number of fields.

Value Add
Artificial IntelligenceProvide New Insights and Knowledge

Crime Disruptor’s high-tech tools – Business Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Robotic Process Automation – upgrade your department’s ability to break down crime data and recommend strategic deployment solutions. Crime Disruptor detects patterns and provides answers previously unimagined.

It does so by using statistical pattern techniques to augment knowledge gleaned from data. The platform continuously learns with new crime data so its insights are current and relevant for decision-making.

Create Customized Geo ToolCreate Customized Geo Tool Visualization & Outreach

Crime Disruptor allows your department to hyper focus your city’s crime data to areas as small as beats, neighborhoods, homes, or businesses. Geo Tools map incidents to their associated location and provide technology-driven insights that convert data into usable information so your department can make optimized decisions.

Send multiple types of messages (e.g. SMS, email) in customized ways (e.g. text, surveys), to get your message across. Whether it is a proactive warning (e.g. hurricane/tornado) or a reactive message (e.g. shooter in your neighborhood), Crime Disruptor is equipped to deliver prompt messages at the click of a button. Beats, neighborhoods, homes, or individuals can be specifically targeted.

Maintain Pulse of the  CityMaintain Pulse of the City

Stay on top of social media feeds (e.g. Facebook, Twitter). Crime Disruptor enhances real-time, two-way contact with citizens interacting via social media. The public’s observations, tips, and comments can be replied to in real-time.

Using PM AM’s Core Four Pillars, Crime Disruptor analyzes all social media feeds to alert you to the city’s pulse and negative messages, prompting for responses from the platform itself.

Optimize Resource  ManagementOptimize Resource Management

The important task of optimizing day-to-day deployment is strengthened and streamlined using Crime Disruptor’s technology and customizable reporting options.

Prioritized real-time criteria, such as incident location and history, are evaluated based on your department’s filters to create suggestions for deployment, in real-time or in advance of special events or initiatives. Potential gaps can be identified and resource coverage can be maximized.

Reduce Man HoursReduce Man Hours

Crime Disruptor energizes and enhances your department’s ability to create customized interactive charts and graphs, at the click of a button. Crime analysts can focus on decision making, using Crime Disruptor to inform them. No more relying on crime analysts to build graphs and charts that take hours and days to complete.

The platform analyzes city crime data, allowing drill-down to detail and custom filters. Get the information you want, when you want it, without the wait of designing graphs and charts.

Event Planning and DeploymentEvent Planning and Deployment

Crime Disruptor’s Event Planning tool provides a visual display of how best your City can handle upcoming events (e.g. Fourth of July Parade), helping your police department enhance your Citizen’s experience.

Traffic routes, blockades and the allocation of special event resources can be planned in advance and saved so the department doesn’t have to re-invent the wheel, every year.

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