Why choose FAMS?
PM AM is one of a select group of companies that have earned status as a Microsoft Independent System Vendor (ISV)

The False Alarm Management Solution (FAMS) is an effective solution for local public safety agencies struggling to contain the costs associated with residential and commercial False Alarm Calls. FAMS provides the technology, implementation services, and ongoing operational resources to deliver a total solution that requires no financial upfront investment or personnel support from the agency. Numerous public safety agencies across the US are satisfied users of FAMS today.

As the aggressive marketing practices of security companies rapidly expanded the installed base of alarm systems in the last decade, police and fire departments routinely experienced false alarm rates of 95% - 99%. Cities desperate to curtail response costs and optimize officers’ effectiveness enacted ordinances to regulate and manage security systems, only to create a new cost to manage and enforce those laws.


FAMS is a complete turnkey solution that addresses every key objective of public safety agencies, including:

FAMS is an end-to-end solution, designed, implemented, and managed by PM AM technical and customer support staff in Dallas, Texas. Robust functionality is delivered through web-based interfaces for 24x7 access by the system’s four user groups:

Public Safety Administrators

The secure system provides complete transparency and audit tracking to support all financial and legal requirements of the local government. Full-featured reporting functionality generates detailed invoices, bill notifications, false alarm, violation reports, and every customized report requested. Integration with existing systems is assured, with no upfront cost to the agency.

Public Safety Officers

Real time access by first responders in their mobile units delivers all prior history and enforcement actions related to that security system owner to enable their discretionary judgment as appropriate.

Alarm Owners

FAMS offers online access to regulatory requirements, training, and account information to owners of existing and new alarm systems. After training, owners see lower alarm costs and receive more timely responses to their alarm from safety officers.

PM AM Administrators and Customer Support Staff

We manage ongoing operations of the FAMS systems and collect all fines assessed for the agency. The system has comprehensive tools and reporting capabilities to ensure the cost-effective and accurate performance of our responsibilities, while enabling complete oversight by the agency.

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