Why FAMS ?

False Alarm Management Solution (FAMS) is an effective tool for local public safety agencies struggling to contain the costs associated with residential and commercial security alarm response. Numerous public safety agencies across the US are satisfied users of FAMS today. FAMS is a total solution that provides the technology, implementation services, and ongoing operational resources to support every user.

Benefits to Citizens
Benefits to Citizens

FAMS supports alarm owners with online tools and help desk personnel that make compliance with your alarm ordinance fast and easy. The system:

  • Educates citizens on the alarm ordinance and proper use of alarm systems
  • Enables online self-service to register alarms and pay fees
  • Warns citizens on the verge of exceeding false alarm limits
  • Identifies repeat offenders and works with them to minimize false alarms
  • Enables online payment of false alarm fines
  • Help Desk personnel are helpful and knowledgeable
Benefits to Public Safety Officers

Officers are more willing to enforce your alarm ordinance because FAMS records are accurate and up-to-date. Officers have real time access to all information and can determine at the scene whether the alarm owner should receive a citation or warning.

FAMS provides alarm training materials that an officer can leave with the alarm owner.

The system maintains an alarm owner master file that includes:

  • Assigned code number
  • Name, address, and telephone number of the alarm owner
  • If a business, the manager's name and telephone number
Benefits to Administration

FAMS is totally transparent to senior management of public safety agencies. Administrators have total access to audit every transaction. The solution maintains, tracks, and displays:

  • The latest false alarm data
  • History of false alarms by alarm owner
  • Alarm registrations – new and existing owners
  • Every false alarm charge as defined by the city’s alarm ordinance
  • All incidents and their associated charges by billing period history of issuance, renewal, suspension, and reinstatement of alarm permits
Success Story
Our Features

The FAMS solution is implemented in cities across the US and has been proven to lower cost, reduce false alarms, and increase revenue, while raising the morale of public safety officers and winning satisfied citizens.

Features of the FAMS solution that ensure success:
  • No investment required from the city
  • Infrastructure costs (hardware, software, etc.) are eliminated
  • City has access to numerous reports in real time through this TRUE web based solution
  • Education outreach to citizens increases compliance
  • Internet convenience increases public compliance and satisfaction
Success Story
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