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PM AM is one of a select group of companies that have earned status as a Microsoft Independent System Vendor (ISV)
National Institute of Justice (NIJ), Agency of the Department of Justice (DOJ)
Selects False Alarm Management Solution (FAMS) To Showcase

The NIJ invites police agencies to submit their cutting edge solutions that are unique and have helped them save resources.

A submittal was made by one of PM AM's partner cities on its FAMS implementation and the sustained, robust results that were achieved. 
The NIJ, after a thorough due diligence, selected FAMS to showcase to its national conference participants on June 20, 2012.

"PM AM is grateful to Police Departments who have supported us for almost a decade, and we feel compelled to keep innovating to reduce alarms and increase revenue for our partner cities." - CEO, PM AM Corporation

Unfortunately, we've learned over time, the only way we've found to get a resident or a business owner to get their alarms in good working order is to fine them

- Matt Reynolds
Press Release

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