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PM AM Corporation of Dallas, Texas, Acquires ATB Services,
Inc. of Colorado Springs
Acquisition Expands Services for Law Enforcement Agencies

Dallas, Texas - December 9, 2011

Dallas, Texas - December 9, 2011 PM AM Corporation, a privately held technology company headquartered in Dallas, Texas, and the developer of the False Alarm Management Solution (FAMS), has announced that it is acquiring ATB Services, Inc. (ATB), a Colorado Springs- based provider of alarm permitting, billing, and collection services. ATB will be re-branded as PM AM Corporation and will be managed by the existing executive teams from both PM AM and ATB Services. The acquisition adds approximately 30 employees to PM AM operations.

PM AM Corporation was founded in 1999 and has grown substantially by developing software and technology solutions serving several niche markets. It's False Alarm Management Solution (FAMS) has become a popular solution for law enforcement agencies nationwide. FAMS has been proven to lower law enforcement agency costs, reduce false alarms within a community, and increase the collection of revenue for municipalities, while also raising the morale of public safety officers and freeing them to focus on more important police business than responding to false alarms.

ATB, like PM AM, works with communities and law enforcement agencies to reduce false alarms, by providing a process for recovering costs from false alarm dispatches. ATB's services include education for citizens and businesses about the cause of and problems associated with false alarms. The company was founded in 2002.

"ATB Services is excited to be a part of PM AM Corporation and to offer the ability to provide our current and future jurisdictions with a better solution to their false alarm problems" said Michael Zelesnik, co-founder of ATB Services.

Co-founder Zina Zelesnik, says, "ATB and PM AM have a similar culture and hare the same passion to reduce false alarms for communities, so it naturally makes sense for ATB to join PM AM Corporation."

"This acquisition demonstrates our commitment to helping our partner communities manage their public safety costs by integrating the best practices that have been developed by both ATB and PM AM over several years" said Pankaj Kumar, CEO of PM AM Corporation. "PM AM will be able to leverage ATB's existing pool of talent and expertise to supplement PM AM's end-to-end solution for billing and alarm reduction services."

"The addition of ATB gives us capabilities to provide processes and services that will further boost PM AM's leadership position in false alarm management across the U.S.", said Kumar. "We look forward to helping ATB's customers continue to meet their alarm management objectives," he said.

PM AM supports its police agency clients through its offices in Dallas, Texas, and Houston.

Unfortunately, we've learned over time, the only way we've found to get a resident or a business owner to get their alarms in good working order is to fine them

- Matt Reynolds
Press Release

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