Enhanced Citizen Outreach And Engagement
With The Latest Technologies


City Reach software, by PM AM, uses PM AM’s Core Four Pillars to drastically enhance the ways your City interacts with your Citizens.

City Reach’s simple interface and powerful functions significantly augment the way your City does business, heightening Citizen awareness of messages and alerts, consolidating and expediting social media analysis, and catering to the newest demographics entering Cities.


PM AM Core Four Pillars


01 - Business Intelligence (BI)

Business Intelligence

Data is rarely useful without context and visualization. City Reach employs Business Intelligence to deliver Cities actionable information, not just data.

Whether it is representing social media posts analysis in dashboard form or creating a Citizen outreach map, the platform is geared to take large amounts of data that typically take days and weeks to review – and present that information in compelling visual representations, all in real time.

02 - Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence

City Reach utilizes Artificial Intelligence in unique ways, ultimately benefitting your City. From analyzing the sentiment of Citizen’s Social Media posts to presenting the most relevant topics and posts from a given period of time, City Reach maximizes your City’s value.

Stay on top of social media feeds using City Reach’s real-time tools, without the need for human monitoring or intervention. AI allows your City to get the information you need, in a timely manner, and action it, within two clicks.

03 - Machine Learning (ML)

Machine Learning

City Reach utilizes Machine Learning algorithms to constantly stay ahead of the pulse of your citizens. Since Machine Learning enables technology to evolve and learn with passing time and new data, rest assured that your citizens’ social media posts will be more effectively analyzed using this technology.

Machine Learning empowers City Reach to more accurately analyze posts so you’re completely dialed into what your Citizens are saying, as they’re saying it.



As more tech-savvy millennials enter Cities, buying homes and engaging in business, the need to make your City accessible and to communicate effectively has never been more important!

City Reach utilizes the latest in robotic process automation to create a City-specific experience that transports your City’s website content (e.g. 311 requests) to popular social media. Since this process is automated, the time and resource spend on the City is minimal, but the City is able to engage an ever-growing and important City demographic.

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Value Add
Enhance Two-way Contact with Citizens

City Reach promotes real-time, two-way contact with Citizens who interface with the most popular social media platforms, as well as through more traditional means, such as email and SMS.

Heighten Citizen and neighborhood awareness of alerts, special event instructions, and new development projects.

Issue proactive alerts (e.g. upcoming Fourth of July Parade instructions) or reactive alerts (e.g. Due to weather, City officials will be available around the clock).

With City Reach, your City staff are able to monitor the pulse of the City and act, in real-time.

Communicate to Geo-Target Focused Audiences

Instead of inundating your Citizens with non-relevant messages (due to technical restrictions on geo-targeted messages), bolster your communication strategy and effectiveness.

It’s not that email, SMS, or voice messages aren’t effective. It’s that the “who” matters and Citizens are more engaged when the message they receive is relevant to them. City Reach solves this issue by boosting your City’s ability to communicate directly with an audience, as targeted as individual homes.

Now, Citizens know that if the City sends them a message, the message’s relevance is high and they are more likely to engage and respond.

Keep Up with Today’s Tech-Savvy Citizenry

An ever-increasing number of your City’s Citizens are rapidly becoming tech-savvy users of social media and service apps. City Reach maximizes your engagement with Citizens who are used to obtaining information at the touch of their phones and tablets.

The platform does so by taking your current City website and automatically taking information and services (e.g. 311 requests) to the most popular social media platforms. No longer do your Citizens have to come to you to be engaged.

Provide New Insights with Live Social Media Sentiment Analysis

Rather than spending hours every day combing through the latest Facebook and Twitter posts, let City Reach collate and analyze those posts, in real time. No staff monitoring required.

Citizen’s posts are intuitively identified, collated and analyzed in real-time (customized based on your City’s requirements), allowing you to identify and respond to Citizens, in real time, from the platform itself.

Security & Compliance
PM AM is committed to ensuring the strictest security protocols are used to protect our customers’ data. City Reach securely resides in Microsoft Azure Government multitenant cloud platform environment (FedRAMP HIGH, DoD L4). City Reach retains CJIS Ready certification, AICPA/SOC certification, PCI DSS compliance, CMMI Level 3 certification, and Microsoft Gold Certified Partner Status.

PM AM maintains all these certifications to mitigate information and technology risk by proactively managing cybersecurity. PM AM is committed to protecting our customers and being a cybersecurity advocate. We invest deeply in building a trustworthy computing platform and proactively fight cybercrime. Our comprehensive approach helps to minimize risk in an increasingly digital world.



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